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Immediate Insurance Cover can be purchased at an additional cost – get an immediate quote below.

We are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a Safe Deposit business but this does not authorise us to sell insurance cover to our customers.

Customers looking to buy insurance cover for their valuables can contact Ellerton Knight, an independent insurance firm who are regulated by the FCA to sell insurance. Ellerton Knight offer bespoke policies and specialise in providing insurance for the Safe Deposit Industry.


– Maximum £500K of cover per box for all valuables and cash.


– £250 excess.


– Pay an additional premium for “wear cover” for your valuables whilst out of your safe deposit box and out of the vault. Provides 20 days cover per year if you are wearing them, carrying them or if they are kept in a locked safe at your home.


– Ellerton Knight can be contacted on 0121 423 1000

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